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The Angel Scrolls - The Birth Of A Religion From God

In the beginning there was only God and darkness. God was the first soul who's eternal spirit existed in love. As time passed, He had a vision of a better future and turned the darkness into light. Soon after that He began to create the earth, it’s creatures and eventually humans. God created Adam in His image so that Adam and all of his ancestors would eventually be able to join Him in the heavens.

Because God was a very spiritual and loving being, He knew Adam, and those that followed, would need His direction so they could spiritually evolve to His level. So God created religion as a means of teaching them and keeping them in constant communication with them. God also loved the animals He created and made them so they would be able to communicate and receive direction from Him as well. We have all heard the story of The Garden of Eden, where man and animals were able to communicate with God and each other. If you would like to witness this communication for yourself, first hand, you have come to the right place. That is only one of the miracles that you will witness here.

To some, this may sound like a biblical fairy tale. To others who have learned through the teachings that God has given us over the past 8 years, we know it as a fact. We have experienced God communicating with us through our dreams and visions. We have also witnessed animals passing on messages and lessons from God’s angels, or what some may call The Angels of Light.

Who Is The New Adam Kadmon?                   

Recently there has been many articles on the internet who identify Adam Kadmon as a symbol of primordial man. Some think he is symbolized as the first Adam that God created, and some believe he is a prophecy of a new religion in spirituality. Others believe that it is a religion that Solomon started over 3000 years ago.

The New Adam Kadmon has been choosen by God to be a messenger, to provide those who are willing to listen with a true understanding of God. He teaches through miracles, modern day prophecies and lessons that come straight from God and His Angels of Light. He is a direct descendant of the bloodline of the prophets. His grandfather on his mother’s side had the last name of Kadmon. He was indoctrinated by the angels several years ago and receives his dream interpretations similar to the way Daniel did in the bible. Each of the dreams that he translates comes with a transcription, a divine lesson and often a prophecy. The prophecies usually happen in the news within a couple of weeks after he does the transcription. Others come later with an event that has a direct relationship to when the dream was transcribed. He receives these messages in a miraculous way that others have been able to witness, and animals often speak to him and others during the process.

Why God Chose Parrots As Messengers

It is often difficult to explain why miracles happen. If we could, then perhaps they would not be looked at as a miracle. God chose budgies to communicate for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that they can become very spiritual and loving creatures who have a desire to communicate with humans. God also chose them because they will often confirm with speech to those that are willing to listen, what God and the angels have told them. When Adam first began his journey over 10 years ago, it involved understanding what these little creatures were telling us. Later they began speaking of God, spirituality and the afterlife on their own. So this was a new beginning and you will be able to witness some of the actual recordings through this website. If you want to know more about why God would choose birds to comminicate messages to us, then you should see the Language of the Angels video that Adam produced.


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